• 15May
    Complete EyeCare Center was one of three local business presented Chamber of Commerce Expansion Awards.

    Complete EyeCare Center was one of three local business presented Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance Expansion Awards in January.  Dr. Christopher & Lisa Olson are pictured 2nd and 3rd from right in the lower photo. Kiley Miller & Melissa Flowers, of the MPACA, are pictured left and  right in the top photo.  (photo credit MPACA Newsline)

    With construction complete, there was a flurry of activity earlier this year.  Complete EyeCare Center…

    …was recognized by the Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance (MPACA) for business expansion,
    …had a ribbon cutting, 
    …and invited the public to tour our expanded and renovated facility and meet our staff during an open house event. 

    We’ve since caught our breath.

    Our thanks to Kiley Miller, Executive VP of the MPACA, for the encouragement and information provided to Dr. Olson when we began contemplating this significant project. And whether it was coordinating paperwork for a bulk mailing, or the schedules of Chamber Ambassadors for the ribbon cutting, Holly Jones and Melissa Flowers were always so helpful and friendly. I’m glad to have all of them working for the betterment of our community.

    We’re also motivated to contribute to the betterment of our community for our neighbors’ sake.  That’s what this expansion is about–meeting Mt. Pleasant’s future needs with exceptional eye health care.

    You don’t have to wait for an invitation or an open house to stop in our office. We welcome new patients and would love to meet and serve you and your family. Stop in or call 319-385-9534. We’re ready to help you see life to the fullest!

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  • 08Apr
    Dr. Olson provided eye care in Addis Ababa Ethiopia as part of the Love Ethiopia Festival week of service.

    Dr. Olson provided eye care in Addis Ababa Ethiopia as part of the Love Ethiopia Festival week of service.

    It seems there are “weeks” for everything from the serious to the unusual. In fact yesterday was not only part of “National Volunteer Week“, it was the end of “aPaws International Pooper Scooper Week”. (How did I miss that?!)  National Volunteer Week is intended to inspire, recognize, and encourage service to others.

    Volunteers give of themselves and their time.  But most who have volunteered would say it is also a tremendous blessing to them.  They discover that they receive so much from the experience and the people they encounter.  That would describe the experience Dr. Olson had during his November trip to Addis Ababa Ethiopia with the Luis Palau Association.

    This was the second year Dr. Olson traveled to Africa to help people with little access to basic eye care. Temporary clinics were set up throughout the city in churches, with each manned by a team of volunteers. For one week people came by the thousands to receive free reading glasses. For many, the restored ability to read or to perform a task like tailoring was life-changing. More complex issues were addressed by Drs. Olson and Morse. This and other outreaches to the city were followed by a large weekend festival event with music, entertainment, and presentation of the Good News of Jesus.

    Did the Palau team volunteers impact the city of Addis Ababa that week? Those who experienced it would say yes, and the repercussions will continue to unfold. Were  individual lives impacted?  We’re aware of many who were deeply affected by this expression of God’s love for them.  Were the volunteers themselves positively impacted?  Absolutely!  The people met, the friendships established, the love felt, combined with the cultural interaction, is as life-changing as any “eye-opening” experience in the physical sense. That’s probably why Jesus himself said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)


    P.S. Though I’ve been writing posts for Complete EyeCare Center’s website and facebook page from the start, this the first post I’ve officially written as Mt Pleasant Eye Doctor (‘s Wife).  I initially assumed the web-posting role not only because of the time it demands, but also because it’s easier for me to express things in a non-technical way when that’s my perspective.  It wasn’t until recently that I decided that divulging that perspective could be helpful.  I’m a Mom (and now a Grandma!)  I’ve been in the shoes of those trying to decide on a good doctor or when to go. I’ve been the keeper of the budget.  I’m someone who appreciates great design, and is interested in knowing what’s new and better (and I’m always learning something I didn’t know!)  So I guess you could say that, in a way that’s obviously limited by my own experience, I have tried to be a patient representative or advocate for you.  So as part of this new-found transparency, I’m also going to open up the comment feature for you to be able to give feedback.  Some will be for my own viewing and others published. I invite you to help direct the content of this site so it has things that are truly useful and of interest to you. After all, that’s who it’s for!

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  • 25Apr


    Dr. Olson and his wife Lisa were part of a Tanzanian mission team that gave away over 8700  pairs of glasses!

    Dr. Olson and his wife, Lisa, were part of a Tanzanian mission team that gave away over 8700 pairs of glasses!

    Click here to view this photo book

    Shutterfly offers exclusive layouts and designs so you can make your book just the way you want.


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  • 27Sep
    A different perspective of neighboring City Hall and watertower in Mt. Pleasant

    A different perspective of neighboring City Hall and the watertower in Mt. Pleasant

    Here’s a different perspective–the view from the new rooftop of Complete EyeCare Center’s  eyewear gallery, which includes Mt. Pleasant’s City Hall, watertower, and Veteran’s Club (the former police station.) Here workers are beginning the complex process of marrying the old and new roof.

    Healthcare, interiors, technology, and patients have changed in the 19 years since we opened the doors at this location. We could be satisfied with the way things are, but that’s not in line with our mission or Dr. Olson’s values. We want to provide our patient family with the level of care, kinds of products, and service we ourselves would expect to receive.  That means if we know that we can diagnose a problem sooner or make someone’s vision sharper and clearer so they can perform better, we strive to give our patient’s that option.  We want to do our best for you and we love pleasing our patients! 

    Our growth is for you and because of you. Thanks for continuing to refer your family and friends to our practice!

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  • 24Feb
    Heart health is linked to eye health

    Heart health is linked to eye health

    It’s February, the month of hearts–because of Valentine’s Day but also because it’s Heart Health Month.

    So why is an eye doctor talking about heart health?  Because some undetected heart health issues can be identified in the eye.  And some systemic problems that contribute to heart disease may be detected in their early stages during an eye exam.   

    Undetected high blood pressure can cause cause permanent vision problems. The good news is that in the course of a regular eye health examination a skilled eye doctor can detect signs of systemic hypertension even before vision has been affected or the patient is aware of the condition. 

    There is only one place in the body where a doctor can non-invasively observe a person’s blood vessels–the eye!  Dr. Olson can actually see the blood vessels in the back of the eye and view the optic nerve.  Strained by high blood pressure these small capillaries may bleed or narrow. The optic nerve can also become swollen.  These are signs of hypertensive retinopathy due to systemic high blood pressure.  The ophthalmoscope, binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, and Optomap retinal imaging are all tools that allow Dr. Olson to see the retina so conditions and changes can be monitored and documented. But it takes his experience and expertise to evaluate what he sees and identify what is normal and what is not.

    Sometimes vision loss is not due to a problem with the eye itself, but with how the brain is processing images the eye sees. One possible cause of this type of vision problem is that small strokes have occurred due to untreated high blood pressure. There are patients whose brain impairment was first detected and diagnosed by Dr. Olson in the course of a routine eye health exam.

    Diabetes affects both heart health and eye health.  During our comprehensive eye health exam Dr. Olson looks for blood vessels that are larger in certain spots, blocked, or hemorrhaging, new fragile blood vessels that have started growing, and scars on the retina, among other things.  These are potential signs of diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of blindness in working-age Americans. 

    Here’s an excerpt from a  story on the American Heart Association website:  “In the summer of 1994, I was driving a truck down a familiar road and suddenly my vision went blurry. Fortunately, I knew where I was going without reading the road signs, but as soon as I returned home, I called a friend who is a nurse about my concerns. She suggested that I see an eye doctor as soon as possible. After running some eye tests the eye doctor told me to see my family doctor because I might have type 2 diabetes. I was surprised by this because no one in my family had ever been diagnosed with diabetes. I did indeed have type 2 diabetes, and I also had high blood pressure and marginally high cholesterol…”

    Unfortunately by the time vision has been affected, as this man’s was, the vision loss can be irreversible.  That’s the reason eye doctors recommend that everyone have regular eye health exams throughout their lifetime! While you may be seeing well, symptoms still invisible to you can exist that are red flags to Dr. Olson as he looks inside your eye during the eye health examination. 

    The great news is that if you have been having annual eye exams at our office and these or other conditions appear, they will likely be detected at an early stage. If you have not been in the habit of getting regular eye exams, you can start now! We are accepting new patients at this time. Just call 319.395.9534.

    So besides eating smart, not smoking, and exercising, add seeing Dr. Olson regularly to the list of activities for maintaining good heart health!

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  • 15Sep
    Thank you for again naming Dr. Olson the Burlington Hawkeye Readers’ Choice #1 Optometrist!
    And we are pleased to announce that Complete EyeCare Center was also ranked as the #1 Optical Center!
    Complete EyeCare Center Awarded #1 Optical Center

    Complete EyeCare Center Awarded #1 Optical Center

    Dr. Olson Awarded #1 Optometrist

    Dr. Olson Awarded #1 Optometrist


    We are so grateful for all our patients and for the confidence you have placed in us.  This award means a lot to us as we strive to fulfill our mission statement for you.  ”We at Complete EyeCare Center are dedicated to providing our patient family with uncompromising quality and personal eye health care, just as we ourselves would expect to receive.”

    We pledge to provide the same high quality service and materials to the people you care about and we welcome your referrals.  We gladly accept new patients.  If you are already a patient, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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  • 23Aug

    Are you compromising your active lifestyle because of your current contact lenses?  Have you been told you couldn’t wear contacts?  It’s time to take another look!

    Regular soft contact lenses are not designed to correct astigmatism.  If you have astigmatism and wear them you’ve been  experiencing blurry, inconsistent vision–definitely a source of frustration and compromised performance during daily activities.

    What about soft toric lenses?  They are designed to correct astigmatism but can rotate on your eye, causing blurry vision that goes in-and-out of focus; especially at night.   Here’s another issue.  They are meant to stay aligned when your head is in a vertical position–like standing. But if you lie down, recline, or tilt your head, your vision can blur.  Think of all the activities you do where this is the case.  How would that work on the putting green?  Watching TV?  Even looking down to read something on your desk?

    Some active people have given up altogether on the possibility that they can successfully wear contacts and are resigned to wearing glasses fulltime.  They can be cumbersome during sports and many physical activities. 

    Dr. Olson wants to provide you with dependable, crisp, high-definition vision and all-day comfort no matter what life demands. He has the expertise and access to prescribe a cutting edge hybrid lens that eliminates many problems people have had with previous contact lenses!   

    Why not make an appointment for a corneal evaluation and fitting appointment* and give them a test drive?  Just call us today at 319.385.9534.

    *If it’s been more than a year since your last eye exam, you’ll need one prior to your contact lens fitting.

    Dr. Olson has used new Duette hybrid lenses to successfully fit people who thought they could never wear contacts!

    Dr. Olson has used new Duette hybrid lenses to successfully fit people who thought they could never wear contacts!

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  • 22Jan
    Optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma affects the visual field

    Optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma affects the visual field

    Anyone can develop sight-threatening glaucoma.  It’s the second leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health Organization. But an eye doctor can detect it before significant vision loss begins.  Glaucoma occurs when pressure inside the eye slowly rises, and this leads to optic nerve damage and vision loss.  During every eye health exam we measure ocular pressure and use advanced visual fields technology to detect glaucoma as early as possible.  Early glaucoma detection is one of many reasons why routine eye exams are so important, even when you’re seeing clearly.

    Anyone can develop glaucoma, but some people are more at risk than others:  African Americans over age 40;  Everyone over age 60, especially Mexican Americans;  People with a family history of glaucoma; People who are severely near-sighted; Anyone with diabetes.  For these people, it is especially important to have an exam at least once a year.

    Anyone can develop glaucoma, but there are things we can do to minimize the risk of vision loss. 

    • Follow recommendations for a healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity & diabetes, which can increase the risk of glaucoma.  Exercise.  Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, specifically leafy greens and foods high in antioxidants.  Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol. 
    • If you are prescribed eye drops for treatment of glaucoma, follow the prescribed regimen diligently.  Non-compliance is a major reason glaucoma leads to blindness.  
    • Early detection during an eye health exam is the best way to control the disease often called “the sneak thief of sight”.  That’s why, based on your individual health and risk factors, Dr. Olson prescribes how often you should be examined.  

    Anyone can develop glaucoma, but we want to help you detect it early and prevent vision loss.  Prevent Blindness American estimates that over 4 million Americans have glaucoma, but only half of those know that they have it.   If you haven’t had a comprehensive eye health exam in the last year, call us today at 319.385.9534 to schedule an appointment.

    Visit AllAboutVision.com to learn about eye diseases, including forms of macular degeneration, causes of glaucoma, and signs of a cataract.

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  • 22Jun
    Tozal is one supplement for Macular Degeneration approved by Dr. Olson

    Tozal is one supplement for Macular Degeneration approved by Dr. Olson

    June is Vision Research Month.  The American Optometric Association website features an excellent summary of one of the most important vision research findings in recent years.  Because of the AREDS studies Dr. Olson recommends supplements to certain at-risk patients.  The AOA article follows:

    In the last 20 years, eye health research has linked diet and nutrition with a decreased risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). A major clinical study of older adults concluded that taking an antioxidant vitamin or mineral supplement significantly reduced the risk of advanced AMD progression in some people. Additionally, today there is significant evidence that vitamin D plays a role in preventing AMD.

    AREDS Made it Clear

    The Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) was a major clinical trial sponsored by the National Eye Institute. It enrolled 3640 subjects, age 55 to 80, and was released in October 2001. This landmark study provided evidence that nutritional intervention in the form of supplements could delay the progression of AMD. The study concluded that taking an antioxidant vitamin or mineral supplement reduced the risk of advanced AMD progression by about 25 percent and showed a 19 percent reduction in visual acuity loss in some of the subjects.

    The Case for Lutein and Zeaxanthin

    It was not clear in the original AREDS report which vitamin, mineral or combination of nutrients was responsible for reducing the risk of AMD. When the study was planned, the lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids that constitute the macular pigment were not assessed because they were not commercially available. Since then, several studies have provided growing evidence specific to the beneficial role of lutein and zeaxanthin intake, and their positive effect on eye health and AMD risk reduction. The AREDS Report No. 22 published in 2007 described the relationship between dietary intake of various nutrients and AMD among the AREDS subjects. This report concluded that high dietary intake of lutein and zeaxanthin is associated with a reduction in the risk of geographic atrophy, advanced AMD, and large or extensive intermediate drusen, the waste byproducts of cellular metabolism (activity).

    New Study Builds on Long Term Nutrient Benefits

    A follow up to the original AREDS trial, AREDS2, began in June 2008. This multi-centered, five-year study builds on a multitude of existing science supporting lutein and zeaxanthin’s role in maintaining healthy eyes. It is the largest human clinical trial to evaluate lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids supplementation, and includes 4,000 patients at high risk for AMD. The study is focusing on the protective effects lutein (10 mg/day), zeaxanthin (2 mg/day) , and omega-3 fatty acids (1 g/day) have against AMD, as well as the link between nutrition and macular pigment optical density, cataract development and visual function.

    Vitamin supplements selected by Dr. Olson for appropriate content and quality are available through Complete EyeCare Center–either in stock or direct-shipped to your home.  Call 319.385.9534 for an evaluation with Dr. Olson, or to inquire about whether you may benefit from these products.

    • Tozal Eye Health Formula (To order Tozal online click the link and use rep# 24894 to complete your purchase.)
    • Omega Max
    • Viteyes Advanced Formula
    • Viteyes AREDS Companion
    • Viteyes Smokers Formula
    • EyePromise Restore (To order EyePromise Restore online click the link and use referral doctor #10246 to complete your purchase.)

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  • 13Apr
    An 1881 political cartoon depicts Guiteau, assassin of President Garfield.

    An 1881 political cartoon depicts Guiteau, assassin of President Garfield.

    An upcoming theatre production will feature Mt. Pleasant performers, including Complete EyeCare Center’s Dr. Christopher Olson, portraying a historic court trial with Mt. Pleasant ties.   The prosecutor in the case was George B. Corkhill of Mt. Pleasant, who graduated from Iowa Wesleyan in 1859 and was District Attorney for the District of Columbia at the time of the trial.

    The real-life drama entitled The Trial of the Assassin Guiteau is about the man who shot President James Garfield in 1881 and draws comparisons between the political and legal climate then and now.  Images of the times and people will be projected behind the actors and readers.  Cast members are Jim Beasley, David Edwards, John Hemsworth, Terry Hemsworth, Mark Kimzey, Christopher Olson, Lon Pugh, Angie Thomas, Kevin Wiley, Rick Williamson, and Brad Workman.  The Director is David File.

    Performances will be on April 23 and 24, 2010 at 7 PM at the Heatilator Center for the Performing Arts in Mt. Pleasant.  Sponsored by the Harlan-Lincoln House, the shows are being offered to the public free of charge.

    (If you would like more information about the play the Executive Director of Friends of the Harlan-Lincoln House, Lynn Ellsworth, can be reached by calling 319.385.6320.)

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  • 29Mar

    The entire Complete EyeCare Center staff just attended the Iowa Optometric Association’s annual educational meetings. Not only did they learn about many of the latest developments in eye health care and technology, they enjoyed the fellowship, and the opportunity to network with other professionals from across the state and nation.

    Ongoing education will always be a priority for our staff, because these activities and classes help our practice continue to offer the best eye health care and optical products to you, our valued patient.

    On Friday, Dr. Olson and colleague, Dr. Michael Ohlson, were also guest lecturers, teaching a class on Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Medications to the Iowa Optometric Assistant’s Association.

    Isn’t it reassuring to know that your doctor is committed to being a life-long learner?

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  • 31Oct
    Complete EyeCare Center utilizes quality diagnostic instrumentation

    Complete EyeCare Center utilizes quality diagnostic instrumentation like the award winning Optovue RTVue

    The RT-Vue images the retina and underlying nerve fiber layers

    The RTVue visualizes the retina and underlying nerve fiber layers

    When it was featured on Good Morning America in May 2007, the Optovue RTVue spectral OCT  was one of only 100 worldwide.  As soon as May 2008, Dr. Olson was introducing that same instrument to his patients in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, at Complete EyeCare Center.

    The GMA reporter was “able to get access to one”, and you have that same benefit without traveling to a metropolitan center or university.  Spectral OCT with the Optovue RTVue is a new generation of Optical Coherence Tomography for detection, classification, and management of ocular diseases and pathology.

    Why should that interest you?  Because this exciting tool has the ability to help Dr. Olson detect and treat progressive eye diseases at a much earlier stage.  Slowing or stopping  disease progression early means less likelihood of vision loss or blindness, and better health for you.

    Several eye diseases, like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy have no symptoms in their early stages.  But a skilled eye doctor using the RTVue can detect and manage them.  Painless and quick, the ultra-high speed and high resolution features of the RTVue enable Dr. Olson to visualize retinal, anterior segment, and corneal tissue with ultra-high clarity.

    Watch this interesting Good Morning America segment by clicking here.

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  • 23Jul

    It’s a question we’ll be glad to help you answer.  Dr. Olson can evaluate whether you are a good candidate for LASIK* vision correcting surgery, and will make a referral to an experienced, trusted surgeon.  We provide the pre-operative and post-operative LASIK care right in our office.  So this is a great place to start if you have been thinking about surgical vision correction and are wondering where to turn for reliable information.

    Dr. Olson will begin your evaluation with a comprehensive eye examination, including dilation.  Accurate measurements of your visual needs will be obtained.  We will perform corneal topography to map the corneal surface of your eye.  This allows Dr. Olson to determine if there are any corneal defects that could affect the success of LASIK, and provides information for the surgeon.  He’ll also measure the thickness of your corneas and pupil sizes.  You will be examined for cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disease, as well as corneal and macular health.

    A decision of this importance should be made in consultation with your eye doctor, not by price shopping, because your vision is precious!  By providing post-operative care for many years, Dr. Olson has seen the results of numerous surgeries first-hand and has talked with patients about their experiences with various clinics and doctors.  This gives him insight for future referrals and a perspective from which his patients can benefit.  Surgical vision correction has become a precise and reliable alternative, when it is done by an experienced doctor with the best technology available.  That’s why we work closely with eye clinics such as Wolfe Eye Clinic and TLC Laser Eye Centers to increase the likelihood that you will have a positive surgical outcome.

    So if you’ve wondered, “Should I consider LASIK?” call for a consultation today and please mention that you are interested in a LASIK evaluation.  We can be reached at 319-385-9534.

    * LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis

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  • 23Mar

    You’re invited to help protect your baby’s eyes with a no-cost eye assessment.

    Governor Chet Culver has declared InfantSEE Week as Monday, March 23 - Friday, March 27, 2009.  If your infant is six to twelve months old, this is the perfect time to schedule an InfantSEE eye assessment with Dr. Olson–at no cost.  

    “I encourage parents across Iowa to take advantage of the InfantSEE® program,” said Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-IA).  “… I applaud our local optometrists for providing free InfantSEE® assessments, and encourage families to take advantage of this useful service.”


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  • 09Jan

    You’ve broken out the new calendar, or at least turned the page to a new year.  Are you wondering where 2008 went?  None of us seems immune to this syndrome, perhaps a sign of the busyness of our culture.  So, it should come as no surprise that you’ve probably underestimated how long it’s been since your last eye exam.

    Not all people need a comprehensive eye health exam every year.  Every two years can be adequate for people who are not considered “at risk”.  Having said that, children and students may need more frequent care since their eyes are growing and changing quite rapidly.  That’s why it’s important for parents and teachers be educated to recognize signs of vision problems in children.

    So who needs to been seen at least annually?  Those over age 60, contact lens wearers, anyone who has had eye surgery, people who take prescription or non-prescription drugs that can have ocular side effects, diabetics, anyone with high blood pressure, those who have a family history of ocular disease (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.), those who work in occupations that are visually demanding or with eye hazards, children with a high refractive error, an eye turn, or eyes with unequal refractive power,  children born prematurely, with low weight, or through difficult or assisted labor, children who received oxygen as newborns, children with family history of certain diseases, and people with other health concerns or conditions.  (Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list, and some conditions require more frequent monitoring.)

    After examining and talking with you, Dr. Olson will make a recommendation about how long it should be until you have your next eye health exam.  Our first concern is your health, so we help you keep on track with convenient scheduling and reminders tailor-made to your situation.  But we won’t be surprised if your response is, “Has it really been a year?”

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  • 27Nov
    Thanks to all our patients!

    Thanks to all our patients!

    Thanks to all of you, our patients and friends who have placed their confidence in us.  We consider it a privilege to serve you and help with all of your eye health care needs.  We know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    Dr. Olson and the staff of Complete EyeCare Center

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  • 30Oct

    Christopher P. Olson, OD, FAAO

    The following has been excerpted from Dr. Christopher Olson’s Curriculum Vitae:

    Professional Awards and Honors

    1992, named “Young O.D. of the Year” by the Iowa Optometric Association

    1992 to Present, awarded Optometric Recognition Award for Continuing Education by the American Optometric Association

    1994 to Present, Fellow, American Academy of Optometry

    2000, named “Optometrist of the Year” by the Iowa Optometric Association

    2001, Iowa Governor’s appointee to the State Board of Optometry

    2009, Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry appointee to the nation’s Accreditation Council on Optometric Education

    Professional Service

    Accreditation Council on Optometric Education, 2009 to present

    Chair, State of Iowa Board of Optometry, July 2006 to Apr. 2010

    Secretary, State of Iowa Board of Optometry, Apr. 2001 to July 2006

    Clinical Examiner, National Board of Optometry

    Member, Education Committee Member, Legislative Committees Member, House of Delegates, Iowa Optometric Association

    Member, American Optometric Association

    VISION USA Provider

    Iowa Lion’s Diabetes & Glaucoma Mobile Unit Doctor

    Iowa Alumni Liaison, Illinois College of Optometry

    Lecturer, IOAA Annual Meeting, 2005 to 2011

    Lecturer, Primary Care Symposium, American Academy of Optometry, 2006

    InfantSEE Provider, 2005 to Present

    See@3! Provider, 2012 to Present

    Community Service

    Secretary & Member, Mt. Pleasant Public Library Board

    Board Member, Kiwanis Club, Mt. Pleasant

    Actor and Member, Mt. Pleasant Community Theatre

    Board Member, The Rec Center, Mt. Pleasant

    Council Chairperson, Swedesburg Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sunday School and confirmation teacher, choir member, liturgist, instrumentalist

    Fundraiser, Iowa Wesleyan College, Boy Scouts of America, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association


    Waco High School, Olds, IA, June 1979. Valedictorian

    Iowa State University, Ames, IA, May 1983. Bachelor of Science in Distributed Studies: Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Zoology, Graduated with Distinction

    Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago, IL, May 1987. Doctorate in Optometry, magna cum laude. Westside V.A. Hospital Externship

    Interests, Activities

    Music (instrumental, vocal), Fitness (mountain biking, jogging), Reading

    1979, Eagle Scout

    1995, Completed Marine Corps Marathon, Washington D.C.

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  • 23Sep

    Video magnifiers utilizing closed circuit television are a wonderful aid to people with low vision, but because of their large size they aren’t portable.  One unique product, the “Jordy”, can be worn like glasses for portable use, and can also be placed in a stand at home or work and used with any monitor.  This flexibility means you can read, write, or see no matter where you are.

    “Jordy Glasses” Video Demonstration

    Jordy contains a small, high-resolution camera that magnifies up to 30 times.  Jordy’s auto-focus feature allows you to follow an object in motion–near, far or in-between.  In the optional stand, it can provide 50x magnification.

    “Jordy Glasses” product brochure

    “Jordy Glasses” are available for purchase at Complete EyeCare Center, along with other Enhanced Vision products including Merlin, Max, Nemo and Amigo.  You can try them for yourself in our Mt. Pleasant, Iowa office.  Dr. Olson is pleased to offer patients this advanced low vision technology.  To learn more about Jordy and other low vision products, call our office today at 319.385.9534.

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  • 29Aug

    Please call 319.385.9534 or email us at email@completeeye.com to request an appointment today!

    In the future we’ll have a convenient way for you to request an available appointment time online.

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  • 20Aug

    Complete EyeCare Center\'s Optovue RTVue Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT) has ultra-high speed, high resolution.  It creates 3-D scans, maps and images of the eye and can even allow Dr. Olson to visualize discrete layers of the retina for the first time.  This means earlier detection, earlier treatment, and better outcomes for his patients. A new instrument gives Complete EyeCare Center patients a distinct health advantage.  The RTVue OCT* creates ultra-high speed high resolution 3-D scans, maps and images of the eye.  It can even allow Dr. Olson to visualize discrete layers of the retina.  This is the first instrument to provide such high resolution capabilities.

    What does this mean for Dr. Olson’s patients?  Early detection, early intervention and better patient outcomes.  In other words, slowing or stopping disease progression, and reducing potential vision loss.

    Why is early detection important to you?  Most people have no knowledge of serious eye problems in their early stages.  As medical knowledge has progressed, doctors have learned that there are discreet changes taking place in the eye which can be pre-indicators of such diseases.  When Dr. Olson detects these early signals, intervention can begin before your eyesight or health has been dramatically affected by serious diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or macular disease.

    This instrument is the latest addition to the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa practice of Dr. Christopher Olson, Complete EyeCare Center–which has been the first to introduce technology to the state of Iowa on more than one occasion.  Today OCT technology is viewed by experts as the most clinically superior way to detect and manage glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Dr. Olson prefers the RTVue over other OCT instruments for several reasons, including its being 65 times faster, and having twice the resolution for significantly clearer images.

    With a few months of experience with the RTVue OCT, Dr. Olson says, ”I can’t imagine going back to diagnosing or managing glaucoma without this valuable new tool.  I am very thankful to be able to provide this important service to our patients and Southeast Iowa.”

    *Optovue RTVue Optical Coherence Tomographer

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