A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ll let it do the talking. Notice how this model’s eyes pop? It’s because she’s wearing a new kind of contact lenses called 1-Day Acuvue Define.  The lenses enhance your natural eye color by adding darker shades where the iris meets the white part of your eye. The contrast makes your eyes look whiter and brighter.

Darren Peshek, PhD, has studied people’s perceptions of attractiveness. He found that eyes with limbal rings are perceived as more attractive by both men and women, and apparently there’s an instinctual reason why. Limbal rings are thickest in infants and gradually thin as we age. So this effect is actually a subtle but powerful signal of youth and health.

Define lenses come with three different effects with varying degrees of impact from light to dark. Natural Sparkle is a good choice for blue or green eyes. Those with hazel or light brown may prefer Natural Shimmer. Dark brown eyes can get a boost with Natural Shine. Define contacts have a natural effect with distinctive highlights that add depth and a clean edge that amplifies contrast.  They also have UV protection and the same moisture-rich wetting agent that’s in 1-Day Acuvue Moist contacts.

If you have ever used mascara or eyeliner you’re already familiar with how contrast can enhance your eyes’ natural beauty. 1-Day Acuvue Lenses are already known for their comfort, convenience, and health advantages. Now you can have the latest innovation in contacts, whether you need vision correction or not. Call us to be one of the first to try 1-Day Acuvue Define lenses for yourself!